How to add custom control (delegate control) in SharePoint 2013 Masterpage(.html version)

Hi Floks,

Today I am going to talk regarding delegate control which is mostly used to insert SharePoint control in simple html pages. SharePoint contains many delegate control in it’s default master-page. Some of them are as listed below:

  1. AdditionalPageHead
  2. GlobalSiteLink0
  3. GlobalSiteLink1
  4. GlobalSiteLink2
  5. PublishingConsole
  6. QuickLaunchDataSource
  7. SmallSearchInputBox
  8. TopNavigationDataSource

You can customize this control as well as you can create you own delegate control by following below steaps:

  • Create Blank SharePoint blank solution¬†in Visual Studio 2012

Blank Solution for Delegate Control

  • Add Visual Web-part in the solution.


  • Open Elements.xml file and do following changes.
    • Do comment in Module tag and add below code in Elements.xml file
    • You can modify the the attribute value as per your requirements.
    • ID: This is control ID which is used to refer in the MasterPage
    • Sequence:¬†Sequence of the Control
    • Control Src: ASCX file path which contains design of your control
<Control Id="CustomTopNavigation"
 ControlSrc="~/_CONTROLTEMPLATES/15/MyCustomTopNavigation/TopNavigationUserCont rol.ascx" />
    • After modifying the Elemetns.xml file your xml file looks like below image.sdfElements.xml
    • Deploy your solution on SharePoint Site.
    • Activate your solution Feature from the Site Settings.
    • Now Add below tag in you html file/master page (.html) version
    • Replace ControlID value as per ID value specified in Elements.xml file
<!--MS:<SharePoint:DelegateControl runat="server" ControlId="CustomTopNavigation" Id="topNavigationDelegate"/>-->
    • Save your master page and publish as major version and verify the page which inherited from that Master page you can see your control on that page.

Thanks..! Happy Coading..:)